Meet OUR scholars


Ashley Hart

Arlington Heights High School (FWISD)

“I am a determined scholar because I have faith in myself and know I can achieve many great things and help many people along the way.”

Ashley cares deeply about learning and knowledge and wants to become a teacher to give back to her community and to future generations. In addition to her strong academic performance, she is the manager of a clothing store and finds time to serve her community. Ashley is involved in the Literacy Rally, the Arlington Heights Special Olympics and the After School Cleanup Crew.

Isabella Diaz

Southwest High School (FWISD)

“I am a determined scholar because I want to make change in the world by giving my story.”

Never one to turn down a challenge, Izzy is the first in her class and the only one of her high school to be chosen for a prestigious summer enrichment program in STEM and college preparation. At home, she helps care for her family, but still volunteers her time teaching young children. Izzy aspires to become an engineer and work in the oil and gas industry to both provide for her family and preserve the environment.

Jenny Fiero

Arlington Heights High School (FWISD)

“I am a determined scholar because I have a strong desire for knowledge.”

Jenny is one of a few high scholars who has spent time exploring her interests in both the arts and science. She plans to channel these interests into a career in Aeronautical Engineering, with the goal of working for NASA. When not pursuing her academic interests, Jenny is heavily involved in community service and her school’s tennis team. Jenny has overcome many obstacles in her pursuit of a higher education, including hearing loss.

Martha Wilson

South Hills High School (FWISD)

“I am a determined scholar because I work hard and always give my best effort. I find solutions whenever a problem arises and am not afraid to ask for guidance.”

Martha has wanted to be a teacher from a very young age and has spent much of her time in the classroom helping others and preparing for this career. She worked for a year on a project to help children with learning disabilities read, and when she noticed their classrooms didn’t have as many books as others, she started book drives and collected over 100 books (and counting). As a member of Texas Association of Future Educators, Martha qualified for a national competition with her book drive project. Martha also is involved in track and band, where she became drum captain as a sophomore.

Melany Rodriguez

World Languages Institute (FWISD)

“I am a determined scholar because my dream is to go to college and make my family proud. I want to help others reach their goals.”

With awards in speech and art, Melany has much to be proud of from her list of accomplishments. She is class president and leader of the student newsletter. Melany has also traveled to Japan twice as a Fort Worth Sister City Youth Ambassador and a recipient of the Yamagata Emerging Leader Scholarship. Melany hopes to work for NASA and is interested in pursuing a degree in STEM to be the first of her family to attend college.

Roberto Aguilar

Arlington Heights High School (FWISD)

“I am a determined scholar because I know success and prosperity is an internal process that requires the support of your friends and family, regardless of your origin.”

Roberto’s determination helps him balance rigorous academics and a job, all while demonstrating a strong commitment to his parents and siblings. Expected to be the first of his family to go to college, Roberto continually overcomes barriers to success in and outside of school. He works hard to lift up and encourage his friends in the classroom and on the soccer field. Roberto plans to pursue his love of math through a career as an engineer or accountant. In his free time, Roberto enjoys spending time outside hiking, climbing and kayaking.


Janette Estupinan

Young Women's Leadership Academy (FWISD)

“I am a Determined Scholar because I do not allow my limitations to restrict my future goals."

A Fort Worth native, Janette has not allowed significant health barriers to prevent her from being an active leader at her school and in volunteer projects. Janette excels in school as an honor student, member of the National Honor Society and Class President. She also works with younger girls to help them succeed through the Sister Assisting Sixth Grade Sisters mentorship program. Janette plans to study biomedical engineering in order to contribute to the medical field by developing medical equipment and improved treatment methods for patients.

Kelsey Joyce

Arlington High School (AISD)

“I am a Determined Scholar because I want to be somebody's role model someday."

A talented oboist, Kelsey is an active member of her school's band and orchestra and the Arlington Youth Symphony. Kelsey was raised by her grandparents and is determined to be the first person in her family to graduate from college. She is passionate about her music and made All-State Solo and Ensemble the past few years and made All City band for three consecutive years. Kelsey works hard to be a good role model for both her younger brothers. She plans to study music performance and someday be a part of a professional orchestra.

Kristian Gaytan

Young Men's Leadership Academy (FWISD)

“I am a Determined Scholar because failure is not an option. I am expected to learn and entitled to achieve.”

Kristian, a native Fort Worthian, was raised by his mother, who he credits with providing the inspiration to tackle any obstacle. In addition to working and serving as Class President, Kristian organized and led the first annual Latino Heritage Program. He created the Heritage Program to encourage a greater understanding of the diversity of Latin culture and history by students at YMLA. Kristian plans to double major in global business and ethnic studies and hopes to ultimately work on human rights with the United Nations.

Lumiere Bisisi

O.D. Wyatt High School (FWISD)

“I am a Determined Scholar because I allow the obstacles I've overcome to shape who I am."

One of seven children, Lumiere came to Texas from the Democratic Republic of Congo two years ago. In addition to a job, Lumiere finds time to volunteer in his community and church. As a
young man in the Kakuma camp, Lumiere was determined to further his education, often walking several miles to school. His experiences in the refugee camp watching neighbors lose loved ones because of limited medical resources have inspired him to go to college and medical school to be a neurosurgeon.


Brian Dickson Jr.

Young Men’s Leadership Academy (FWISD)

"I am a Determined Scholar because I don’t allow my challenges in life to limit my level of success."

Brian is a Fort Worth native. He helps support his family financially with part time jobs and still maintains a high GPA. Brian’s drive to succeed is evident through his love of the arts. He was the first in his school to receive a varsity letter in his arts program and he is current president of the YMLA choir club.

Daniela Romero

Arlington Heights High School (FWISD)

"I am a Determined Scholar because of my hard work, ambition, and commitment to strive for a better future."

Daniela is a native to Fort Worth. Daniela has been very diligent to teach her mother English and this has led to her being promoted at her place of work. She is extremely motivated to be the first in her family to go to college and wants to go into veterinary medicine.

Jacob Wells

Southwest High School (FWISD)

"I am a Determined Scholar because I am persistent in my pursuit of a strong education to create a better future."

Jacob is a native to Fort Worth. He works almost full time as the sole provider for his family while attending school full time, keeping up his GPA and being involved in school activities. In addition, to financially helping his family, he also is the caregiver and role model for his three younger brothers.. He is mature beyond his years and wants to pursue a degree in broadcast journalism. He dreams of one day being a sports announcer.

Maria Villagomez

Trimble Technical High School (FWISD)

"I am a Determined Scholar because I do not give up at the sight of failure. I am disciplined and hopeful for my future."

Maria is a student who came to the USA from Mexico in 2nd grade. Her family works seven days a week to make ends meet. Maria is a role model to her two younger sisters and her new baby brother. She is determined to be the first in her family to go to college and wants to become a nurse to help others.

Niang Muang

Trimble Technical High School (FWISD)

"I am a Determined Scholar because I am optimistic for my future."

Niang is a student originally from Burma, Myanmar. She has worked very hard to learn English and just recently received all A’s. Niang volunteers through her school and church plus holds part time work in her spare time.  She strives to be the first in her family to attend college and hopes to lead by example for her two little sisters.

Nikita Kabir

Arlington High School (AISD)

"I am a Determined Scholar because I make use of every opportunity I am given and I do not give up."

Nikita is originally from Bangladesh and comes from a single mother household. Nikita takes on part time work at McDonald’s and her mother sustains two jobs to make ends meets. Nikita has only been in the US for about two years and in this time, has learned English and speaks it extremely well. She is committed to her education and exudes positivity.

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